At the Portsmouth British Martial Arts Club we practice systems from a numberĀ of historical combat manuals forĀ both Quarterstaff and Broadsword. Below is a list (not quite comprehensive) of what we study, although our staff practice is mostly derived of Silver and Swetnam, and our broadsword work is primarily based on the works of Zachary Wylde. Many of these manuals are available online for the interested student.

George Silver (Brief instructions on my paradoxes of defence, 1605)

Joseph Swetnam (Art of defence, 1617)

Zachary Wylde (English master of defence, 1711)

Donald McBane (The expert swordsmans companion, 1728)

Captain James Miller (A treatise on Backsword, Sword, Buckler, Sword and Dagger, Sword and great gauntlet, Falchion, Quarterstaff, 1735)

Thomas Page (The use of the broadsword, 1746)

Captain John Godfrey (A Treatise on the useful science of defence, 1747)

Andrew Lonnergan (The fencers guide, 1771)

Captain Sinclair (Anti-Pugilism, 1790)

John Taylor (The art of defence on foot with the broadsword and sabre, 1804)

Thomas Mathewson (A new treatise on the art of the scotch broadsword, 1805)