Historical European Martial Arts in the Heart of Portsmouth

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If you’ve not heard of HEMA yet you’re in for a treat. Read more about what we do, when we do it, and how you can get involved.

Highland Broadsword Classes

The British Broadsword styles are our speciality, you’ll have great fun unleashing your inner Rob Roy when you study it and all it’s offhand companions (Bucklers, Targes, Basket hilted daggers and more!).

Quarterstaff Classes

The king of old English self defence, you’ll get a great workout while you’re training in our Quarterstaff styles.

Smallsword Classes

Meet friends then stab them with swords in our Smallsword classes, where you’ll get to study the art of the duel.

Free Articles

Our practice is nothing without academic study to back it up. Read our free articles and see the full list of the historical fencing manuals we study.

Enter the Exciting World of Historical Fencing

"My name is Gaz, I have the pleasure of instructing the PBMA, and I do not endorse the public beating of Liam Neeson. "
Gaz f.
PBMA fencing instructor